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Fabric is my final film at university. I like to think its sums up my jounrey as a student to a practictioner. Finding my self in what matters, what I enjoy and what inspires me was all apart of this jounery. A lot of this being a literal journey to the ends of the country. (Images to the right)

We have finally come to the end our time at Birmingham City University and this page is a brief overview of the path we took to get to our final film. Thank you.


We started the process by filming locally.


We then traveled the furthest south for loaction scouting.

VFX Test

I started making 2.5D images on After Effects during the start of the year. its safe to say they we not the best.

Partical Effects

I then moved on to partical effects and advance camera motion

and eventually I moved onto making landscapes in Cinema 4D


Then recently all these new skills came into place and were applied for the whole film.


We have seen and have been inspired by so much over this project. From small things like the title sequence to Alien Isolation to stunning fine art landscapes by JMW Tuner.


But the thing that has influcenced my self and Benny Fung the most has been the Russian cosmonaught pods. The Voskhod Rockets. These minisquel ball enclousures used to jetisen cosmonaughts into earth's orbit for up to 3 days with next to no safty or control of where they land. They captured the feeling of claustrophiba amazingly.

Naturally we got to work on the idea of making the ball shape structure straight away, although it was not without its set back due to material issues and space restrictions.

None the less we made do with what we could with ultimatly made us stronger by the end.

By the end of the projects we moved the set 9 times, with each time it getting weaker as for the cardboard section was held up by industrail tape. For a more indepth look at this project head over to my blog



Form the very start myself and benny wanted to try and have as much real tangable objects as possible this was decided in the form of the set, props and costumes for the characters ​to interact with the character of Karaca (Benny fung) was to have a fierce Han Solo esk apearance on the outside but a young Luke Skywalker vunrability on the inside. His costume consisted of a black winter coat with fir lining, weilding goggels and a modifed gas mask. ​ His props were mainly the air container around his leg and the objects inside his home.


From the start of this project I didnt want there to be a happy ending and in fact I wanted either one of the characters to be killed off. Theres something nice about finality. However I thought it be more curel to leave the character stranded yet have a nice little gift from the asstranged character he meets from the sky.

Agent Mallord or Alana Mallord was originally going to be a trooper as part of a larger team sent to find out what had happened to the location of the film (an asteriod orbiting earth) However due to restraints and casting etc I changed the character to being alone which gave much more personal traits as to why she is here.

The amount of process, thought and research that went into this character was easily the biggest part of the project for me, I have poured my heart out in (hopefully) subtle ways whether it's about my own disabilities in relationships or physical forms.  I also reached out side of my own experience because I wanted to learn something from this project, not just talk about myself... I wanted to assimilate feelings from the research. ​ One of the things I looked at was orphans. 

In a 6 part documentary on the BBC, neuroscientist David Eagleman looked into the effects of attention vs neglected at early ages of children's lives.  Those that were adopted under the age of 3 and were well cared for grew up forming normal brain function. However those who did not and happened to be neglected went on to form dysfunctional social skills. 

The amount of space that the men and woman had to move about was next to nothing